How do I clean and service High Security restraints?

First it is important to note we are not specialists in disinfecting techniques. Any information provided by us should be double checked with experts in this area. For more information call the Center for Disease Control (CDC) at 800-342-2437.

Use the following to disinfect Peerless High Security restraints. Do not use Disinfecting Techniques for standard and color plated products.

Important: Care should be taken when using cleaning solvents and lubricants on high security restraints. Different chemicals, temperatures and stress can have adverse affects on the LEXAN® thermoplastic lock housing.

Cleaning: The Lexan® portion of the Handcuffs or Leg Irons may cleaned with a mild soap and water only!  Complete immersion is not recommended and should be avoided. Care should be taken to remove all remaining cleaning agents with forced-air drying or warm water. Hot water above 140ºF should be not be used.

High Security Restraint Lubrication: Routinely clean and lightly oil the ratchet area and double strand rivet area to insure proper operation. Avoid getting any lubricants on the LEXAN® thermoplastic lock housing parts. Different chemicals can have adverse affects on the lock housing parts. Do not use any lubricant other than a Silicone Mold Release lubricant; such as SLIDE product #:40112N. For information on Silicone Mold Release lubricants click here: SLIDE 400112N.

Please remember to double check all advice given with experts in disinfectants techniques.

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