What can I do if the black oxide finish is rusting or wearing thin?

Problems with rust and a Black-Oxide finish is not uncommon. Frequent lubrication is necessary particularly if the restraint is exposed to moisture. We recommend using a teflon based oil. Apply liberally making sure the oil has worked into the locking mechanism, double lock hole and single strand pivot area. After lubricating remove all excess oil from handling surfaces so the restraints are not slippery. A damp handcuff case can also lead to rusting. Make sure the inside of the case is dry before storing the cuffs.

The Black-Oxide finish will wear over time. It is possible to use a reblueing agent to return or maintain the dark finish and help prevent rusting. We recommend a product called BLACK MAGIC made by Kleen Bore.

Important Note: Care should be taken when using cleaning solvents, rebluing agents and lubricants on Peerless High Security restraints. See FAQ question on care and maintenance of High Security restraints for more information.

Last update on January 4, 2022 by Administrator.

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